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The Small Business Guide to COVID-19

Corey Clarke
April 27, 2020

While we enter the second month of the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s worth assessing how your business is progressing during this period. 

We understand that many businesses may have started to experience a lull in their operations as time passes. So, to ensure you make the most out of this ongoing situation, here are some tips that every small business should keep in mind.



First things first, the most important thing for businesses to do right now is to keep in touch with their customer base. Regular communication with your loyal clients is important not only to ensure that you can continue your usual operations, but also so you can maintain a strong relationship after this period. Now is a great time to nurture relationships with clients, as you may find you have more time to do so. Stay connected with them and show your support. 



When connecting with your existing clientelethe most important thing is to clearly communicate how your business will continue to operate during the COVID-19 crisisTransparency is key when touching base with your customers. Taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of customers and staff is not only the best thing to do, but also the right thing to do. Your customers will understand this if you communicate with transparency. 

This is equally important to new customers that are looking for your services. Many businesses have not been reaching out to their clients and explaining how the current situation is affecting their services. By not doing so, they are continuously putting their businesses at risk of losing customer loyalty and trust. By staying in touch with current and potential clients, your business will have an edge over the competition and will become more appealing option — both now and in the future. 



If you‘re still looking to attract new business, then one simple method is to update your online profiles. For example, Google My Business has released a new post feature that allows listings to provide a specific COVID-19 update. With this, your business can briefly explain how it has been affected and how it is currently operating so customers can adapt accordingly.  

The same can be said about your website. If your business operates heavily online, be it ecommerce or online bookings, then it is crucial you provide an informative update for your clients. This can come in the form of a short section on the homepage or a banner in the header. Regardless of the implementationyour business should be abundantly clear in how it has been affected. 



Since you most likely cannot come in direct contact with your clients anymore, you must find a novel way to keep engaged with them. One way to do this is to keep it social. 

Social media usage has sky-rocketed since the lockdown, so now is the time to boost your business by becoming active on media platforms. From offering unprecedented online exclusives, to providing customers with helpful resourcesgoing online will ensure that you stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds. However, this doesn’t mean you should start inundating your audience with frequent meaningless updates. Instead, post with purpose by creating offers that highlight the unique value that your business provides.  

By following these tips, you can make a great impact on your customer base and make the most out of these uncertain times. We’re all in this together and by focusing on doing the right things nowwe can get your business back to doing what it does best. 

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