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Sway’s Favourite Coffee Shops in Downtown Guelph

The Sway Team
May 2, 2018

At Sway, we believe friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee—so we’re here to share our favourite local coffee shops we’ve discovered since moving into the Petrie Building in Downtown Guelph! Whether you prefer a simple cup of coffee, a cappuccino, or even dairy-free options— this list will get you where you need to go.

Planet Bean
As Guelph’s first roastery, Planet Bean has been roasting delicious coffee beans since 1997. To this day, the company continues to specialize in certified fair trade and organic gourmet arabica coffee. Serving some of the best coffee on the planet, their friendly and passionate staff are always willing to help you choose the right brew based on your preferences. With their dedication to fair trade as well as their love for the planet, it’s hard not to stop there for our daily caffeine fix! Best of all? It’s located just around the corner from the Swayquarters!

Red Brick Cafe
For all of you dairy- and lactose-free coffee lovers out there, this cafe could be your new go-to-spot. Red Brick Cafe offers soy and almond milk in all their caffeinated beverages at no extra charge! Since opening over 10 years ago, the cafe has served 100% fair trade organic coffee and has remained determined to reduce their ecological footprint by using both biodegradable straws and cups made from non-GMO corn. Its comfortable atmosphere also make this spot the perfect place to enjoy your caffeinated drink of choice while catching up with an old friend over lunch.

Capistrano Bistro & Espresso Bar
One of Downtown Guelph’s original coffee houses, this espresso bar was founded in 1994 and has continued to provide the highest quality hot and iced European beverages. Whether you prefer a simple cup of espresso or a mochaccino, each beverage is made to ensure maximum enjoyment till the last sip. Ever tried a real European-style cappuccino? Capistrano baristas will forewarn espresso drinkers of their traditional European cappuccino recipe before preparing their order. Rich in flavour with a bold coffee taste, this morning pick-me-up is sure to do the trick before heading into the office!

The Common
Open since 2015, this coffee shop is one of the newest additions to Downtown Guelph and offers a unique atmosphere with its brightly coloured walls and blank slate design. The Common, like many of the cafes in the neighbourhood, serves delicious fresh-ground and free trade organic coffee. We recommend trying one of their classic house roasts—each with their own unique flavour—the next time you pop out for a coffee break.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a good cup of coffee, there are some great choices here in Downtown Guelph. Next time you want a good cup of joe, we hope this list will help you find your new favourite local coffee shop!

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