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Sway Supports The Weight We Carry

Jessica Davies
December 19, 2018

Sway is very proud to announce our sponsorship of The Weight We Carry. TWWC's aim is to carry canoes to the most unlikely places on earth in support of mental health organizations around the world.

Here at Sway, we’re very proud to announce our sponsorship of The Weight We Carry. In two weeks time, the organization – which is made up of brothers Tom Schellenberg and Kyle Roberts – will travel to Nepal to carry canoes on their backs to Mount Everest base camp. This particular expedition will raise money to build the Women’s Mental Health Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, “in any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness”. Mental health is an important issue not just here in Canada, but throughout the world.

As their name implies, Tom and Kyle will bear the burden of the canoes as a nod to the psychological weight we carry when dealing with mental illness. The Weight We Carry’s (TWWC) aim is to carry canoes to the most unlikely places on earth in support of mental health organizations around the world. Trekking to the highest place on earth seems like a great place to start!

Mount Everest Base Camp

Expedition to Mount Everest Base Camp

While Tom and Kyle won’t be summiting to the top of Mount Everest, the trek to base camp is no walk in the park. The journey will see them travel 100 km by foot, ascend 5500 m / 18,000 ft, all the while carrying the canoes and their backpacks.

The pair will have to take the same trip back, doubling the amount travelled to 200 km in total. Altitude sickness won’t play a part during this leg of the journey, but the weight on their shoulders will be all the same.

Kyle (TWWC)

Sway x TTWC

Sway has collaborated with TWWC to implement a strategic marketing plan prior to and during the expedition to Mount Everest base camp. We’ve made visual and functional changes to the website that will both enhance their online presence and increase donations to the cause. You can check out TWWC website here. In addition to the website updates, we created a social media campaign strategy with corresponding graphics, as well as provided email marketing and search engine optimization services.

We’re very proud to be supporting such an important cause that affects not just those close to home in Guelph, but also millions around the world. Our President, Jonah Tremback, explains the reason behind Sway’s sponsorship:

“When my good friend, Tom, told me he was planning to climb to Mount Everest base camp with his brother while carrying canoes, I laughed and thought he was joking. I then realized we were talking about Tom and he is just crazy and adventurous enough to actually go on the expedition. I decided I couldn’t miss the opportunity to not only support a good friend but also the very worthy cause of mental health care. We are excited to be spreading the word and to share TWWC’s incredible journey with you.”

Tom & Kyle (TWWC)

How You Can Help

If you’d like to contribute to this amazing cause, head over to the donation page. You can also spread the word by helping to get TWWC on Ellen!

Tom has already made one TV appearance on Global News this month, speaking to Jay Janower about the cause and the expedition. The next step is to get the guys on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Fill out the form on Ellen’s website here to submit a request for TWWC to appear on the show!

Stay up to date with the rest of their preparations and expedition by following TWWC on Facebook and Instagram. This isn’t the first time Sway has collaborated with a team of brothers, earlier this year we created our own beer with the Brothers Brewing Company!

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