Staying Connected with your Clients During COVID-19

Jessica Davies
April 1, 2020

“We are here for you.” These five words have never held as much importance in the world as they do right now.

Professional communities are shifting gears. Online connection holds a new and increasingly significant dynamic – and it’s imperative that businesses embrace this responsibility. In an environment of uncertainty, everyone is looking for solutions to boost morale, inspire productivity, and maintain a sense of normalcy.

As a business owner, maintaining connection with your clients will ensure that both sides understand expectations and are aware of any potential limitations during this time.

Here’s what Sway recommends:

Provide Moral Support

Reach out on a personal level. Let your clients know you are there and keep the conversation honest and thoughtful. This will encourage open discussion and with time, your client will build a relationship with your business and consequently develop a sense of loyalty.

Establish Guidelines and Expectations

Be clear about how ongoing changes will affect the services you provide. Your clients will value transparency, an open dialogue, and above all, your support.

Stay In-the-Know

Keep track of developments in the news and be clear and efficient in your next steps. Understand what is happening to the best of your ability by listening to upcoming announcements and mandates and respond accordingly.

Don’t Assume

It’s difficult to know how each unique business will be affected by every new change that comes their way. What was true for your client last week might not be the same this week.

Keep in Touch

Consistency is key – be the one your clients can depend on. Send frequent, simple but informative messages that provide your clients with the information they need, and an open offer for further discussion.


As it is with most life-changing circumstances, there is no exact formula or catch-all solution. What matters most is to understand that behind any business is at least one person who is looking for a way to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation.

Although we are currently faced with an unprecedented crisis, we must remember that we are stronger together. An important part of building and keeping our community flourishing is by supporting businesses where we can and staying connected.

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